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Making YOU Sound Like a Star - Every Time

appleIcon Sing Perfect Studio lets you and your friends record professional sounding mixes of great songs. But unlike any other application, the “Perfect Tune” processing will automatically correct your singing, so the melody, timing, vibrato and loudness of your recorded voice will sound perfect. What’s more, you can challenge your friends to see who sings best.

To download the app goto iTunes store or click on the icon left.

Main features:

  • Pick a song, name your Mix, and record “Takes”, one singer at a time.
  • You can start and stop recording anywhere.
  • The unique “Perfect Tune” processing automatically corrects your recordings to ensure the melody, vibrato, timing and loudness are perfect.
  • Challenge your friends: Your accuracy is scored and displayed for each take, singer and song Mix.
  • Create solo recordings or duets with the Guide Vocal, your friends, or yourself.
  • During playback, you can switch the Perfect Tune processing on and off and change the loudness of vocal tracks.
  • There’s a fun varispeed playback control – for playing from a slow crawl to hyper chipmunk.
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